An interview with our team

posted on January 19th, 2022

Dr. Katarina Casals Ide 



Where are you from and which path led you to ABP?

I was born in Košice (Slovakia), but I’ve lived in Salzburg since I was eight years old. After having studied law, I spent four years working as an in-house lawyer for Red Bull, including a one-year interim abroad in Alicante, Spain, to finish my master’s degree in the field of Intellectual Property.

As I was looking to change to a law firm specializing in IP, do my training as an attorney-at-law and finish my doctoral program, ABP was the obvious choice. For me, it was the perfect blend of professional advisory and representative activity specialized in IP for a variety of very interesting clients, a friendly working atmosphere and on top of everything, the impressive nature and mountains of Windischgarsten (Pyhrn-Priel region).

What excites you about working as an attorney-at-law in the IP industry?

There are new matters and challenges every day. On the one hand, there is "always something happening” in IP or copyright law due to the continuous technological progress and the new legal implications arising from it. Just think of artificial intelligence as well as other subject areas, which gain more and more significance in the context of IP law, such as open source software or social media. On the other hand, the clients’ requirements and needs, which must be met legally, are always individual – each inquiry requires us to think our way into the particular issue to be able to find a suitable solution for that particular case.

What does being a part of ABP – both as an attorney-at-law and as a Partner at Anwälte Burger und Partner Rechtsanwalt GmbH – mean to you?

As an attorney-at-law and a Partner at ABP, my main focus are our clients’ interests. It is our goal to always find an outcome-oriented custom solution for any legal problem because at the end of the day, our clients’ success is our success.

In this regard, ABP’s values and way of working reflects my personal mindset and approach. Thinking out of the box and working together in an innovative and outcome-oriented manner to accomplish the goals we have set – that’s who we are. And that is why I’m happy to be a part of ABP, ten years and counting.