Attorney-at-Law | European Patent Attorney

Published  August 3, 2022

Authorized Representative before the European Patent Office

Dr. Hannes Burger

Anwälte Burger und Partner, based in Windischgarsten and Vienna, is pleased to announce that Attorney-at-Law Dr. Hannes Burger has, in addition to his many years of practice in the IP field, obtained the qualification as a European PatentAttorney. With the registration of the Managing Partner as a European PatentAttorney, ABP follows its consistent focus on Intellectuel Property.

 Dr. Hannes Burger is the first Austrian Attorney-at-Law who is also a EuropeanPatent Attorney and thus holds both the attorney-at-law and the EP license in patent matters. In the entire German-speaking area, there are only very few with this combination. 

 This is an important milestone for ABP, especially in view of the developments in the field of patents at the European level, and ensures the best possible support for your clients.



Attorney-at-Law Dr. Hannes Burger
European Patent Attorney